• Can you ride an ebike on roads ?
    The E-bike does not meet the requirements of EN15194, which specifies the requirements for bicycles with electrically-assisted drive (EPAC-Electrically Power Assisted Cycle). Therefore, e-bike is not intended for riding on public roads, it is exempt from the obligation to register, insure, hold a driving license.
  • What distance can i ride and what it depends on ?
    Distance depends on your weight, area where you ride, way of riding. For example:Your weight 80 kg, different terrain, mixed way of driving - gives you about 100 km on one charge.
  • How to power on and off an ebike ?
    You can do it by RFID card or tag, that way we don;t have to mount regular ignition key, which can be damaged and leak water.
  • Why there are pedals if I can't use it riding more than 25 km/h ?
    To use it when your riding slow or if the battery dies.
  • Why there is no derailleur in our ebike ?
    Because there is no need for it while riding ebike.
  • How many cycles can I charge battery ?
    About 600-700 times.
  • What are the differences between block driver – sinusoidal – vector ?
    Block - voltage drive, loud motor work, worse work comparing to sinusoidal. Vector - current drive (torque) silent motor work, higher efficiency, lower battery use compared to block and sinusoidal driver.
  • Why I cannot store the battery which is fully charged?
    Because it will shorten the battery life. During time the capacity will decrease and internal resistance will increase. Leaving the battery fully charged will speed up this process. After one year leaving a fully charged battery (not used) will decrease the capacity by 30%.
  • Is there any temperature emergency cutoff?
    Yes, there is a temperature cutoff. The engine will shut down if it in reaches critical temperature. 
  • Is the battery protected by high temperature ?
  • Why the voltage jumps when I turn the throttle ?
    Each battery cell has its own characteristic. Current draw causes voltage to change. The more current the more voltage drop in battery. Voltage drop (called SAG) can be higher or lower depending on battery, used cells and current draw by motor driver.
  • Can I pressure wash the ebike ?
    Yes, maximum allowed pressure is up to 1 bar.