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We use the best technical solutions and reliable compatible parts for production:

We use the best technical solutions and reliable compatible components for our production:

  • Steel frame of Jiangsu HG Limited - ENDURO with vacuum-produced plastic housing in which high quality ABS and PMMA crack resistant plastic are applied. Bottom bracket - tapered square (support with sealed bearings). The frame structure is welded from closed square profiles, so it is very strong, durable and capacious, and its weight is only 10 kg. Optimally attuned frame width allows you to pedal without rubbing your knees against its casing.

  • MOTOR QS 205 50H V3. Motor type 30*4T (820 RPM, 72V, 11.39kV) / Nominal power 3000W (instantaneous 6000W-10000W) / Torque 182Nm

  • Sabvoton SVMC072150 vector controller (72V 150A max)

  • Battery with parameters: 70Ah/72V/20s/20p/SANYO NCR 18650GA/5000Wh

  • Charger 7A Charging time 10h

  • Wide 2.75" tyres and 21" moto rims

  • Double shelf shock absorber DNM USD-8s (oil-spring-air) with 200 mm stroke (triple adjustment)

  • DNM Burner Damper RCP2 with hardness 750lbs (triple regulation)

  • Hydraulic 4-year piston brakes from MAGURA MT5e. Quadplex braking power. Lightweight MAGURA carbon brake handle, combined with a special aluminium lever for excellent ergonomics. It has a super-rigid four-piston brake caliper and brake pads for higher braking forces in every possible situation on the road. And the legendary MAGURA Royal Blood as a transmission medium is not only more environmentally friendly than the brakes of many competitors, but also provide a guarantee of constant and low maintenance costs, and thus low operating costs. MAGURA has developed a breakthrough, new solution MT5e: a mechanical switch, which is located directly in the brake lever. The brake light is activated before the braking effect occurs. It is also a drive system with a recuperation mode when the shutdown of the drive is triggered as soon as possible.

  • Floating brake discs 220 allow to achieve maximum braking parameters. The essence of the solution lies in the three-part disc structure, which enables automatic positioning of the working surface. Produced on the basis of H.S.C.C. - High Strength Cooling Configuration philosophy, i.e. high mechanical resistance, is accompanied by an adequate ability to dissipate heat generated during braking. Disc core: this is an aluminum spider, which is lightweight and at the same time allows to obtain a very high rigidity. The working surface is made of steel. The braking surface is connected to the spider by six rivets. Aluminium components help disperse the heat generated during braking so effectively that the risk of the disc twisting from temperature is incomparably lower than with one-piece rotors. With rivets between the spider and the working surface, the disc is movable! It must be clearly stated at once that the working clearance is insensible and exactly as it should be. This minimum movement allows the disc to be optimally positioned in relation to the brake pads, so that the brake pads work over the entire surface.

  • The on-board computer of our production. OLED display matrix allows to read values from any angle. With a single button placed discreetly under the casing, we can switch the view to: distance of daily kilometers or the number of all kilometers or the watch. The display has a built-in control system with a processor for the operation of the e-bike. It is connected to the shifter and the controller by means of external wires with HIGO plugs, which enables quick disassembly or assembly. The display shows basic information: - battery charge status in "V" and "%", - speed in km/h, - motor temp.

  • Support (kickstand)

  • Front lamp - SOLARSTORM X6 3000lum - bicycle lamp with very high light output designed especially for demanding MTB and Downhill riders. The light source is four CREE XM-L2 U2 diodes, which together achieve the power of light up to 3000 lumens (max power of 4800 lumens). The lamp has been additionally equipped with a system protecting against overheating. Four modes of operation, a long working time of over 2 hours in maximum mode and a battery status indicator will be appreciated not only by MTB cycling enthusiasts. Waterproof (IPX-7), shock-resistant and damage resistant aluminum housing with heat sink perfectly dissipates a lot of heat to the outside. Included battery pack consisting of 4 pieces of 18650 type cells (cell supplier for DELL, LENOVO and many others). Very long range and precise side lighting makes the product universal for professional use as well as for traditional city rides or dark off-roads. The X6 lamp is equipped with "Power Indicating System", specially designed for the X series, which informs about the current battery status: 100% ~ 80% three green LEDs, 80% ~ 50% two green LEDs, 50% ~ 20% one green LED, 20% ~ 0% one flashing green LED. Specification: Light source: 4x Cree XM-L2 U2 diode (U2). High mode 3000 lumens - 2h10min, medium mode 1500 lumens - 5h, low mode 300 lumens - 20h 30min, strobo 3000 lumens - 2h 30min. Power supply: high quality battery pack 8.4V 4x1865.

  • Bridge - TRUVATIV BRIDGE HUSSEFELT 60mm 31.8mm. TRUVATIV is a renowned American brand belonging to the SRAM group, which has in its ranks such brands as AVID and ROCK SHOCK, a powerful group that produces products whose quality and durability is indisputable. The HUSSEFELT steering wheel axle is made of one piece of lightweight 6061 aluminum, the steering wheel clamping ring is fitted with 4 screws as standard, and the steering tube is fitted with two screws set against each other. The bridge weighs only 209 g thanks to its good quality aluminium. The length from the point of the mounting is only 60mm, the height is 0 degrees.

  • Steering wheel - KIE31 TRUVATIV HUSSEFELT COMP 700X40MM. Mounting thickness for 31.8 mm bridge, maximum rigidity of the control system. The length of the straight pipe section to be bent for the fixture installation is 20 cm. Made of 6061 aluminium, 40 mm high, 9 degrees backward curve, 5 degrees upward curve. Top shelf component, intricately finished, with high endurance and stiffness.

  • Platforms - Pedals Dartmoor STREAM. Lightweight platform pedals made of cast aluminium. They are characterized by a very low profile, strong construction and very good traction. The axle is made of Cr-Mo steel. Equipped with ball bearings. 10 pieces of replaceable pins per side.

  • Weight of e-bike - 70kg