The journey
is just beginning

Go further and faster. See more. Explore unknown, previously inaccessible places. Enter a new dimension of travel. Discreetly and swiftly. Faster Bike is a collection of versatile electric vehicles produced in Poland, providing pure joy with every kilometer traveled.


Charged with good quality

When it comes to details, we never compromise. We prioritize comfort and safety. We are confident in every smallest element mounted in the frame. We do not cut corners on what is not visible - maintaining a high level of the entire structure.

What type of Faster do you need?

Discover your dream e-bike

Before shipping, each Faster Bike is adjusted to the individual riding style of its new owner.

Ride on your terms regardless of your age

Load up your Faster for a family camper trip and let your daughter have a blast on the beach, or take it on a mountain trip with friends. Faster Bike gets along with everyone.


Emotions under control


Full suspension adjustment with hydraulic-gas-spring support (front), hydraulic-spring (rear), and compression preload adjustment on components from the renowned DNM brand.

LCD display on the handlebars

Displaying speed, battery status, time, 5-9 driving modes, and intuitive management with a fully programmable controller from one panel allow for perfect power adjustment to battery savings. Additionally, it comes with a built-in USB socket.


Fasters are equipped with wheels in two sizes - 20'' and 26'' on steel moto rims and tires tailored to the riding style. Aggressive tread reminiscent of motocross competitions, tires that grip well and are quiet on asphalt, or an alternative chosen for longer commutes to work and efficient rolling speed, which also works well in lighter terrain.

Integrated battery

The hallmark of Faster Bike. A default, high-quality battery built into the frame perfectly distributes the center of gravity, ensuring stability and control during the ride. It features new LG or SANYO GA cells.


The silhouette of our e-bikes combines the best of both worlds - cross and touring bikes, allowing you to travel safely and comfortably over diverse routes. A detailed description of the geometry can be found on the specific model pages.


We don't part ways after the purchase. 24/7 phone support. You can count on us for any e-bike-related matter. You'll also be one of the first to be informed about improvements related to new releases of your model.


You have full support in case of malfunctions. Repairs take priority. With the warranty, we act even faster than a speeding Faster because a day without an ebike is a day wasted. All vehicles in our stable come with a 2-year warranty.


Upon request, we will build a completely unique e-bike for you. Individual geometry, completely different parts, custom paint job? We'll do that and much more.