We sell bicycle electrical parts
and provide comprehensive support in their construction.

We focus on using in the construction of the bike the best technical solutions

Frame ENDURO Jiangsu HG Limited frame – steel frame with plastic casing, made from high quality strong ABS 4 mm thick + PMMA, resistant to cracks.

Motor MXUS K5 Turbo motor from MXUS company – nominal power: 5000W at 60V. Supply voltage: 24- 120V . Max. continous current: 80A. Max. continous power: up to 6000W (~60- 80A). Max. peak power: up to 8000W (90-100A). Speed for 26″ wheel: about 1.1km/h for each 1V supply. 150Nm.

Controler MQCON Sabvoton SVMC 72100 driver – new vector driver especially made to handle large power. Recommended in vehicles with power at least 5000W. Current: 5-100A (phase 30-200A).

Computer “La-bieda” from Fasterbike – on-board computer driven with a microprocessor collects and processes data from sensors ensuring maximum safety. OLED technology display gives you high contrast when reading informations. On-board computer if fully compatible with innovative RFID system guaranteeing high reliability.

Battery SANYO NCR18650GA 3500mAh 20s12p cells – capacity 42 Ah / nominal voltage 72V / max. voltage 84V / BMS100A / energy 3,024 kWh / continous discharge current up to 80A / peak discharge current 120A (few seconds) / maximum charge current 10A / size (385 x 160 x 118) mm.

Charger Fast automatic LiIon charger 6A. No configuration. Works immediately. Totally maintenance-free, comfortable and not complicated operation. Charging time 8h.

Front damper DNM USD-8s front damper (oil-air-spring) 200mm range. Regulation of return suppression, rebound and compression. Total height: 750mm. Steering pipe: 1-1/8”. Steering pipe length: 271mm. Fork spacing: 110mm. Weight: 3.5kg.

Rear damper DNM Burner RCP2 – hardness 650lbs or 750lbs. Assembly spacing 220x66mm. Range: 66 mm.

Brake MAGURA MT5e brakes and 203mm CLARKS brake discs – four hydraulic pistons. Very rigid 4 piston brake calipers for very good braking in each situation on the road. New MT5e technology: mechanical switch located directly in brake handle, which turns the stop light on and cuts engine power during braking.

and provide bicycle parts that ensure safety and optimal parameters such as:

Power & speed

Long range


Loading speed

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